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Support Products

Products required during the program

  • Pro Hcg Weight Management Drops – are a compounded formula that helps suppress appetite and promote fat loss.  Your drops should be taken in three divided doses over the day, beginning with your first dose on rising in the morning, followed by another dose mid-afternoon and your final dose at night before retiring.  Your dosage is 10 drops, place under the tongue and held in the mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing.  Do not eat or drink before or after taking to ensure they are absorbed in your system. You may begin to reduce your drops from 10 per dose to 8 or 6 drops per dose after the first week as your appetite reduces. If you appetite returns just increase your dose back to 10 drops three times per day.

  • GIT + ZINC FORTE - Gut soother with pre and pro biotics. New formulation to replace LM Pro. This functional food has a wonderful combination of herbal carminatives that reduce gut bloating and enhance digestion and maintain healthy microbiome balance, essential for fat metabolism. NOTE: If purchased, this product alleviates the need to also use our Pro Biotic - ProbioMax Daily in the program. 

  • Metabolic Mineral Drink is a concentrated blend of alkalising minerals and amino acids with added B12 and iodine that support pH balance and essential mineral intake during the program.  Dosage: Add 7.5mls into a glass of filtered water 1 times a day during the loading and weight loss phase of program.

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