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Book a Consultation

If you would like to book an in clinic consultation telephone the urban sense wellness clinic on 0400 551 968 today or click here to Book Online

Our clinic address is 167 Queens Parade Clifton Hill Victoria 3068

Please note:  All of the information about the program and how it works for those who are considering undertaking the program themselves is contained on this website and in the Optimal Fat Loss Manual and Recipe Guide.


We recommend you purchase our Manual and Recipe Guide with the program.


Our reception staff are unable to provide advice with answering questions about the program and how it works. 


If you would like undertake the Practitioner supervised in clinic program, please call the clinic to book an in clinic consultation or Click Here to Book Online.

For other general information, please check out our FAQ's section of this website.


This program is not suitable for some people. Please read the section entitled, Health Considerations for more information.

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