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  • What is the Optimal Fat Loss Program?
    The Optimal Fat Loss and Body Reshaping Program is a quick and easy to follow Weight Loss Program that provides phenomenal results for people wanting to shed excess weight and get healthy. Lose anywhere from 5-10kg in just 21 days.* Our program has helped our clients lose weight and change their lives. It’s simple, easy to follow and has been specially designed by Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner Cheryl Penna. With the Optimal Fat Loss Program:- There are no gimmicks No memberships or joining fees No classes to attend No shakes * Weight loss results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person and individual circumstances. We suggest that you follow a healthy diet to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. Patients who complete the Practitioner in clinic guided program report higher levels of satisfaction.
  • What are your Pro Hcg Weight Managment Drops?
    Whilst hCG hormone is considered a very safe and effective weight loss medication, current Australian TGA regulations have banned the import and sale of hormonal hCG drops in Australia. Fortunately, we have been able to source an compounded Australian homeopathic formulation that effectively promotes fat loss, reduces appetite and helps reshape the body.
  • Pre and Post COVID - 19 Vaccination Concerns
    Our current recommendation to our clients starting our weight loss program, is to delay the commencement of your program to 2 weeks post COVID vaccination to reduce any unknown side effects that may reduce your weight loss and impact dietary restrictions. The current COVID vaccines are designed to trigger an inflammatory immune response that may promote headaches, fevers, body aches and pains, as well as nausea. Whilst many people may only experience only mild symptoms, it is not advisable to be commencing any new medication or physical program that may interact with the vaccine response. If you do have any severe and or long-lasting reactions to the vaccine, we recommended you immediately consult your medical practitioner. CDC - General Information Side Effects (See website link below)
  • Do you offer one on one face to face consultations?
    We offer our clients inclinic consultations. We find that the people who achieve the best long term weight loss do so with practitioner support during the program. This allows our clients to discuss any health issues they have, provides motivation as well as addressing lifestyle and emotional issues that may be hindering their success. Our clinic is located at 275 St Georges Road Northcote Victoria. Your individual face to face consultation includes a Health Assessment, weight measurement and advice with our experienced Practitioner. Your in-clinic consultation consists of two parts. Your consultation fee and the cost of your Optimal Fat Loss Starter Kit which includes your Manual and Recipe Guide. More information is contained on our website about specific costs. For bookings contact the clinic on 03 9482 5135.
  • I have done a similiar program before, do I need to buy your Manual and Recipe Guide?"
    Yes its highly recommended that you purchase our Program Manual and Recipe Guide if you intend to undertake our Optimal Fat Loss Program. Our program has been custom designed around our own specific weight loss protocols and 3 step process which we have refined and developed for over 10 years with real patients in our clinic. To attempt the program without purchasing either our Starter Kit which includes all your support products and manual or our Manual separately, means that you will most likely be unable to achieve your weight loss goals. Our experience shows us that people who attempt to do the program without purchasing our Manual and Recipe Guide as well as our support products, tend to have less successful weight loss outcomes. Our experience shows those patients who attend an in-clinic Practitioner Consultation, acheive the best long term results.
  • I have tried lots of weight loss programs, and nothing seems to work
    There could be something else going on and it should be investigated. Underlying health issues can have a significant impact on weight loss and your general wellbeing if left undiagnosed. We would suggest that you contact the clinic to arrange for an in clinic consultation to explore what other health issues could be impacting on your ability to lose weight. Bookings can be made online via our website. Further diagnostic and functional testing may be required to identify the root cause of your health condition. Our Practitioners are trained in such areas.
  • Does your program include injections?
    No. Our program Does Not involve the use of nor promote the use of injectibles for the purposes of weight loss. There is limited evidence to support the use of such approaches having any significant impact on weight loss long term. There is published medical research and warnings from public health authorities in numerous countries globally which have highlighted serious side effects to some products currently on the market being used for weight loss but intended for other medical conditions.
  • I am struggling with hunger
    If at anytime during the program that you find you are having trouble with hunger we advise that you review the following; Ensure that you are following the program correctly. You must start the program using our support products for 1 week prior to starting the program. Ensure you pre-loaded with a high fat diet during the loading phase. If you did not increase your fat intake at every meal for the 2 days you will have trouble with hunger and weight loss during the VLCD. Ensure you are taking the correct amount of pro-hcg drops, away from food and drink. Take your first dose on rising in the morning, a second dose mid-afternoon and the final dose 1/2 hr before bed. Do not eat or drink for 15mins before or after your drops. Hold them in your mouth under your tongue for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Ensure you are not doing any strenuous exercise during the weight loss part of the program. Vigorous activity will increase your appetite. This means no aerobic classes, gym work outs, long bike rides, golf, tennis or cardio activity. Gentle exercise such as walking, yoga and stretching are allowed. Ensure you are eating the recommended amounts of protein , vegetables and support products every day. If you have a physically demanding job you may need to increase your protein to 150g instead of 100gms at your 2 allocated meals. Ensure you are using your 4 support products that are recommended with our program. You may need to add chromium tablets to help regulate blood sugar levels and food cravings.
  • I have stopped losing weight
    This is a common factor with most people as the body may hold on to water for a few days . You will still be losing cm. Check you are eating the correct amount of food. People often cut back if they are not hungry and this will limit your weight loss. Ensure you are eating 2 meals a day. You cannot skip a meal and combine all your food into one meal. Constipation can be a fact for some people. Ensure you are drinking 2 litres of water per day, walking at least 20 mins every day. Ensure you are using a variety of vegetables during the program especially fibrous types such as broccoli and asparagus. If you have reached your goal weight during the VLCD your weight loss with stop.
  • I am just using the drops and not the other products – will this impact how much weight I can lose?
    Yes. The program has been designed to be used in conjunction with all of the recommended products and protocols contained in our manual. Attempting to use the program without purchasing all of the recommended products may have an impact on you achieving your weight loss goals. We do not recommend you attempt our program without using our program protocols as outlined in our starter pack instruction and recipe manual.
  • Are there any membership fees or ongoing costs?
    No. Unlike many of the programs available on the market today, we do not charge a membership fee or ask for you for an ongoing committment by locking you into a contract. We do not ask you for your credit card information. Purchase your Program Manual and Recipe Guide just once. Once you have purchased it, it's yours for life. We don't hit you up for monthly fees for an app either that you may only use a few times anyway. Why pay hundreds of dollars extra a year for something you don't need. Why pay for recipes you will never ever cook or eat? Want to do the program again. No problem. You can order your supplements and drops online through our website shop. Its that simple.
  • Can I eat something that is not in the program?
    No. Unless it is specifically mentioned in our Program Guide Manual as one of the approved foods, then its not to be eaten.
  • Can I use protein shakes or packaged meals?
    There are no shakes in our program and we don't sell pre packaged meals and do not recommend using our program with any other weight loss products or packaged meals. Many of the products available with other weight loss programs are often very high in hidden ingredients such as processed salt, sugar, simple carbohydrate or preservatives that will inhibit sustainable weight loss as well as the metabolic change we are aiming for with our program. Our nutritional supplements have been trialed and tested in our clinic and work with our program. Our products are not available in supermarkets or health food stores or from any other supplier. They are only available from our clinic or our online website. We encourage our patients to eat real food, both during and after the program to help acheive sustainable weight loss as well as promoting a healthy long-term connection with whole foods that sustain health and well-being.
  • I don't seem to have lost as much weight as I thought I would.
    There could be something else going on and it should be investigated. Underlying health issues can have a significant impact on weight loss and your general wellbeing if left undiagnosed. We would suggest that you contact the clinic to arrange for an in clinic consultation to explore what other health issues could be impacting on your ability to lose weight. Further diagnostic and functional testing may be required to identify the root cause of any underlying health conditions impacting your ability to lose weight. Our Practitioners are trained in such areas.
  • I have now finished the program and have started putting weight back on.
    A healthy lifestyle and weight is not just a short term one off thing. Many people struggle with their weight and experience the effects of fad dieting and fluctuating weight throughout their entire lives. Knowledge is a powerful motivator in helping understand how food choices impacts your health and leads to weight gain. Binge eating, excessive alcohol consumption and poor food choices will always result in ongoing issues with your weight. Our program is designed to educate you to make better food choices, for life. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, course or program that will keep the weight off if you don't change your mindset to making better food and lifestyle choices. In some cases, there may be other underlying health issues which may be impacting your ability to sustain weight loss such as; metabolic syndrome, thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune or inflammatory conditon, side effect of prescribed medication or poor gut health. We suggest that if you are struggling with weight gain after completing our program that you contact our clinic to arrange a health consultation where this can be explored in more depth by one of trained health professionals. This may involve working with a practiltioner to help you manage meal planning and food choices as well as futher diagnostic or pathology investigations.
  • What is the best weight loss program?
    The best weight loss program is one which focuses on helping people eat real food that sustains a healthy weight as well as promoting long-term health and well-being. It includes making lifestyle and food choices for life, not just for the duration of the program. Our program is designed as the first step of the journey and for many, this is a great start to help them on their way. Many of our clients use our program once or twice a year to help them maintain their weight or as part of a weight-detox-program.
  • Shipping Information Security
    Delivery Address Security Is your delivery address secure? Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for items that go missing after they were delivered. For peace of mind, perhaps consider using the Free Parcel Locker service from Australia Post. Please see the link below:-
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