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Patient Testimonials Optimal Fat Loss Program


Optimal Fat Loss Patient

We have returned from our trip to the States. We had a fabulous time, and you will be pleased to hear that I have come back well within my weight range with no need for a steak day.


I didn’t deprive myself of the joys of holiday eating, I just exercised moderation and did a lot of walking.


Thank you so much for your support and guidance during the program. I feel I have the skills and empowerment to look after myself and my body, feeling this good makes it easy.

Patient Testimonials Optimal Fat Loss Program


Optimal Fat Loss Patient

 I am delighted with the weight loss I achieved. I really thought I would never be below 80kgs again.


I started the program weighing 84 kg and finished at The best part of this diet was how easy it was to prepare my food.


No mucking about counting points or portions or calories. I bought the meat and chicken at the beginning of the three weeks and weighed it and froze it in bundles of 100gm and voila meals for three weeks – except for the fish which I bought fresh a couple of times a week.


Vegies were easy as lettuce and tomatoes were an easy choice most days.


I also discovered tasty ways of spicing up cabbage! I also realised that I needed to be accountable to someone else other than myself and that is where Cheryl was wonderful.


I didn’t want to have wasted her time or mine so I stuck to the program like glue!

Patient Testimonials Optimal Fat Loss Program


Optimal Fat Loss Patient

Optimal Fat Loss -  what a program!


I have lost a considerable amount of weight (and I am currently on my second round), but it is the fat loss and change in body shape that is remarkable.


May I offer a tip – make sure you read and re-read the manual that Cheryl has written before you begin and it will work for you.


Eternally grateful for your help and support.  Angela has lost 22kg and 84cm.

Patient Testimonials Optimal Fat Loss Program


Optimal Fat Loss Patient

After having 2 kids, I was struggling to lose the last 5 kg to get back to my pre-baby weight. I tried many diets with little success until I overheard Cheryl talking about the Optimal Fat Loss program. Within the first 5 days I lost 5kg and 11cm.


With my excitement of such a quick weight loss I reintroduced my daily cappuccino into my diet and therefore had no additional weight loss. I didn’t mind the diet, the food is limiting but it’s something you just get used to. I mainly had chicken and asparagus for meals with the occasional beef. I usually saved the 2nd fruit for around 9pm so I wasn’t tempted to snack on something that wasn’t allowed.


My initial goal was to get to 55kg from 60kg, but now I’m hoping to do the program again to reach 52kg.


I have been off the program now for about 3 months and have not gained any weight. I definitely recommend the program to anyone who wants to lose weight.


Thank you Cheryl.

Patient Testimonials Optimal Fat Loss Program


Optimal Fat Loss Patient

 I had previously seen Cheryl 2 yrs ago to help me lose some weight and balance my hormones.


I lost 8kgs and whilst I felt great I could not lose those last 7kgs around my waist and hips. A girl friend and I started the program together on Cheryl’s advice and l lost 9.7kgs of fat. I now have a waist back and the best legs I have ever had.


The program was relatively easy to do and the drops made sure we never felt hungry.


I have maintained my weight now and cannot believe how great I look.

Patient Testimonials Optimal Fat Loss Program


Optimal Fat Loss Patient

Whilst using the Pro hcg weight management drops in conjunction with the calorie controlled diet I was amazed at my weight loss, after 23 days I lost 6 kg.


Given the condition that I was born with I am extremely happy with that initial weight loss, I feel that I could not have done it without you.


It was motivating to see the weight fall off everyday, I am looking forward to doing a second round in the near future to loose that last four kilos to get back to my pre-baby weight.

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