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Manual and Recipe Guide Optimal Fat Loss Program

Manual & Recipe Guide

The Optimal Weight Loss and Body Shaping Program Manual is at the core of our successful weight loss program. If you want to achieve really great results, then you need to purchase a copy of our must have manual. 


Metabolic Minerals Optimal Fat Loss Program

Metabolic Minerals

This product is a concentrated blend of alkalising minerals and amino acids with added B12 and iodine that support pH balance.Essential for mineral intake 



Starter Pack

This incredible pack contains all the products you need to get started on your program and on your way to achieving your weight loss goals:


Starter Pack includes:


  • Pro-hCG Weight Management Drops 50ml (formerly called accelerated fat loss drops),

  • GIT Forte

  • Metabolic Minerals

Buy and Save



LM Pro replacement.

Gut soother with pre and pro biotics. New formulation to replace LM Pro. 


This functional food has a wonderful combination of herbal carminatives that reduce gut bloating and enhance digestion and maintain healthy microbiome balance, essential for fat metabolism.


NOTE: If purchased, this product alleviates the need to also use our Pro Biotic - ProbioMax Daily in the program. 


Pro Hcg Drops.webp

Pro Hcg Drops

Pro-hCG Weight Management Drops 50ml - New Formula


Our Homeopathic Formulation drops help break down and mobilise fat cells so they can be used by your body for energy and appetite suppression during the very low calorie (VLCD) phase of the diet. 


BasicAlkalising Mineral Formula Optimal Fat Loss Program


Basica is a renowned alkalising mineral formulation that has been shown to help restore the body's urinary pH to optimal levels that promote weight loss.


Research has shown that maintaining a urinary pH of 7 - 7.4 promotes fat metabolism and fat burning.


Dosage: Add one scoop to water, 1-2 times per day of the Alkalising Mineral Formula 


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